Healing Sessions


Energy work supports you on a psychological and physical level to release blockades and to continue your path with a new perspective.

I help you to strengthen your self-healing powers, to locate and release energetic blockages and thus increase your relaxation and well-being. Through the energy work you get the opportunity to continue working with this first impulse of healing that you receive and to go a more conscious way.

As a medium I am happy to be there for you to transmit helping energies and messages that bring you answers, insights and support, no matter in which area of life.

An energy treatment harmonizes the energy balance which strengthens and regenerates the body, mind and soul. I serve as a channel for this energy. For this I use different tools from Reiki, Energy Healing, Quantum Healing and Theta Healing.

A healing session will help you:

  • Supports your recovery from illness (together with medical treatment)
  • Chronic diseases, allergies
  • Depression (supportive if under medical treatment), burn-out
  • Depressive moods
  • Removal of negative energies / entities
  • Sleep problems / sleep disorders
  • Anxiety state
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Physical blockages
  • and much more

Depending on the field of application, I apply the energy work and its possibilities individually to the client and his needs. For example, it may be that I only work in the outer energy and aura layers, whereby no touch occurs. But it can also be that I touch the body with my hands in order to be able to penetrate deeper energy layers and establish a more direct relationship.

Usually you can lie down during the energy work and just relax. It can be that you feel cold, warmth, pulsation or tingling in individual areas or see colours or pictures in individual cases as a result of the flow of energy during the application. This is then a sign that your body and mind react to the application.

The duration of a healing session is different and can take place in my practice or by remote treatment.

Chakra Harmonization


Our chakras play a relevant role in our well-being. If we have a disharmony somewhere in one of our chakras, it can affect our whole life. Each of our main chakras has a different function. During a chakra treatment the chakras are brought back into a balancing rhythm.

The treatment of your chakras is part of a regular healing session. But also a chakra refresher in between is always recommendable. After a chakra treatment you feel balanced in your middle. Through our daily interaction with our fellow human beings, our chakras change and take with them the one or other vibration that does not belong to you. Our emotions change our chakras and the state of our chakras changes our emotions and experiences. Our day is also made by the state of our chakras which affects and reflects our decisions and last but not least our whole  life.

I will guide you through this chakra cleansing process by telling you what I see and what has been changed.

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Energy Healing Treatment for your pets

Our pets are very open and receptive to a healing energy treatment because they have built up no blockages and expectations within them or how an energy treatment has to be. A healing session is very supportive in case of a treatment by your veterinarian but does not replace a visit to the veterinarian.

In a treatment I will deal with the individual problems of your pet and work in the aura of the animal without touching it. Sometimes, however, there is a need for treatment on a physical level, but I adapt to the needs of the animal and whether it wants to be touched or not.

Remote treatment is also possible, during the session, I ask you to keep your pet in a calm, relaxed state.

The duration of the treatment may vary and will be adapted to the needs of the animal.