Intuitive Coaching - Reading in the Akashic Records

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How does an Intuitive Coaching work – Learn, who you really are – Healing through consciousness

A reading in your Akashic Records is a step into a new dimension in your life. You have the opportunity to experience new things about your life that can make you grow. Maybe you will find something that is important to you right now, even if you did not expect this information at the beginning. The universe always gives you just the right thing you need to know.
It may be that you get information about past lives if this is important to you in this life. It is about listening to what is given to you. For it gives you access to your potential and thus the possibility to grow out of it to get into your power and thus also leads to more happiness, lightness, success and the presence in your life with which you can consciously shape your life ,
All the information I get will be passed on to you as authentically as possible. All messages are conveyed with the universal love and are meant to show you an approach, a possibility or a way that you can walk yourself. Be aware that you can have your free will at any time and make your choices to get healing or a new way of thinking, think about your belief patterns, and make a choice about your life. Through an Akashic Record reading you get the possibility to change and adapt something at the deepest level of the soul.

The Akashic Records can provide information about:

  • Self-realization
  • Abundance and manifestation
  • Health
  • Creative expression in your life
  • Blockages
  • Unwanted patterns and beliefs
  • Spiritual development
  • Soul tasks
  • Ways of life
  • Karma
  • Influences from past lives

Reading in the Akashic Records is a diverse way of spiritual coaching. It allows me to return to different levels of your present life but also to previous lives if it should be necessary. I let myself be guided by the universe and its infinite intelligence. This is also the reason why you can not force responses. I receive all the information with gratitude.
As I consult your records, healing energy flows to you to support your healing process and release all unnecessary connections to traumatic experiences and mental injuries that are no longer needed.
This process will be held in the divine language of love that will support your path to your own healing and reunion in the existence of divine love in you.
No time measurement as we know it exists outside of our imagination. So when we get information from the source, we can not specify the exact timeframe.

What you need to do to get an Intuitive Coaching Session

Remote treatment and consultations in my Practice possible.

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Payment via PayPal or bank transfer, Cash Payment accepted for Practice Consultations.

Your Investment

30 min Session  €  60.00
60 min Session  € 120.00
90 min Session  € 150.00