Life Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

In an Intuitive Coaching, I offer you an accompaniment over a longer period. Desired changes usually cannot be realized immediately, because it requires an awareness and the letting go of established thinking and behavior patterns.

The experiences you have had in this life or in previous lives, such as emotional traumas and illnesses, can trigger blockades and fears. This in turn can hold you back or even prevent you from developing in your soul growth and manifesting the life you desire.

When you find the root of your blockages, you can let go and continue on your path. In a life counseling I have different tools at my disposal, but my most important thing is to listen to you. Intuitive coaching is meant to support and heal your soul so that are able to grow on yourself.

Topics that are highlighted in coaching can be:

  • Am I happy in my life, does it fill me – or what fills me?
  • What do I want deep inside me?
  • Do I have relationships that are still good for me?
  • Health issues – The subject of transience
  • Is my profession also my vocation?
  • Do I really know myself? What do I feel about myself?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Am I ready to change and take responsibility for my life?

In a personal conversation, we look at your questions and clarify where you have blockades. We look where you always fall into the same pattern to dissolve these patterns. Where could you change something in your perspective, in your beliefs? Clarification can be done through a systemic family constellation on the board, through insights into your past lives, karmic entanglements are illuminated, etc.

What can be changed through Life Coaching:

  • In most cases a transformation does not take place immediately, but is a process during which you will recognize changes in your inner and outer life
  • You may suddenly seek other friendships with people who understand you better and share your interests, which may change.
  • Your partnership can temporarily (but not necessarily) become more disharmonious. Issues are dealt with that may have been avoided or that now is the time to resolve old entanglements. Recognize this as a step forward into a new form of relationship with your partner.
  • Relationship changes.
  • Changes in the workplace are also possible. Patterns that you no longer need may disappear.
  • You can go through an inner development and choose a completely new career direction.
  • New interests come along, old ones fall away.
  • Conscious life – every day. You perceive everything differently, more consciously, your emotions, your patterns, question things and actions and re-evaluate them.

I support you on your way to more self-confidence, ease and joy and a loving step into a new chapter in your life.