Portal Days – Support you in your transformation

What are Portal Days?

On these days, more cosmic radiation hits the earth and the veils become thinner. That we call in the spiritual specialist area portal, days calculated after the Maya calendar.

Portal days have different effects on our body, mind, and soul. They challenge us to adapt to the vibration of the earth, which is increasing more and more. This adaptation to the vibration of our earth takes place through a transformation of our being, our body, and our spirit with the connection to our soul, which accompanies and supports us through this process.

How do we perceive these vibrations on the Portal days?

Some experience deep fatigue, cannot concentrate, and nothing really wants to happen on these days. Others feel an inner restlessness, that can go up to trembling, I have interpreted such experiences at me as “data download”. It can also come to sleep disturbances, intensive dreams or dizziness.

What exactly happens on the Portal Days?

During these days, we are in the 4th dimension and get easier access to the morphogenetic field of our life. Thus, the veils are thinner around and during the portal days, our subtle body is permeated with increased energy and these days are therefore excellent for transformation work and meditation as well as channelling.

You get access to your soul, to your original being, and can simply press the reset button and release beliefs and sentences. It is a convenient time to create space for love and inner peace within you, which is your deepest desire for your life.

Use these days for yourself, allow the energies as well as the sad feelings that can come up in you. They just show you that there is something in you working.

I will gladly support you in the process of transformation with a healing session, for example an Atlantean Soul Healing.

The Portal Days, 2019


  • 2. Jan.
  • 5. Jan.
  • 10. Jan.
  • 18. Jan.
  • 21. Jan.
  • 26. Jan.
  • 29. Jan.


  • 2. Februar
  • 8. Feb. – 17. Feb.
  • 23. Feb. – 28. Feb.


  • 1. Mar. – 14. Mar
  • 20. Mar.
  • 20. Mar. – 29. Mar– 10 Portaldays in a row


  • 8. Apr.
  • 11. Apr.
  • 16. Apr.
  • 18. Apr.
  • 27. Apr.


  • 1. Mai
  • 2. Mai
  • 5. Mai
  • 10. Mai
  • 16. Mai
  • 23. & 24. Mai
  • 31. Mai


  • 4. Jun.
  • 21. Jun. – Summer Solstice
  • 23. Jun.


  • 12. & 13. Jul.


  • 1. Aug.
  • 3. Aug.
  • 15. August – Assumption of Mary
  • 20. Aug.
  • 24. Aug.
  • 31. Aug.


  • 1. Sep.
  • 8. Sep.
  • 14. Sep.
  •  19. Sep.
  • 22. Sep.
  • 23. Sep.
  • 27. Sep.


  • 5. Okt.
  • 8. Okt.
  • 13. Okt.
  • 16. Okt.
  • 26. – 31. Okt.


  • 1. Nov.
  •  1. – 4. Nov.
  • 21. Nov.  – 21. December Winter Solstice


  •  5. –14. Dec. – 10 Portal days in a row
  • 21. Dec. – Winter Solstice & Start of Rauh Nights (Rauhnächte)
  • 21. – 31. Dec. – Rauh Nights (Rauhnächte)
  • 24. Dec
  • 27. Dec




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