Professional license conditions

Our professional license is for those who wish to purchase royalty-free meditation music for use cases beyond our standard music use conditions.

Category 1: CD and Website Downloads

In this category, you can use our music as background music for any composition that is recorded on a CD, downloaded from a website, or sent to a mailing list (e-mail).

Included in this category are:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Voice Over

Price per track:

  • up to 500 Downloads USD 60
  • from 501 – 1000 Downloads USD 250
  • from 1001 – 2500 Downloads USD 500
  • from 2501+ Downloads USD 1500

Use restrictions:

  • No selling or distributing the music as “music only recording”, so without spoken word like guided meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, etc.
  • No sale on iTunes or other streaming or download services
  • Do not play on YouTube
  • Do not use for apps or in mobile apps
  • You must have at least two third of spoken word on the recording
  • No Silent Subliminals, your voice needs to be heard
  • No changes to the music with the intention of being the producer of the music, you must credit us, see below.
  • Do not sell to third party sublicence, do not sell or distribute them as GEMA Free “Royality Free”.
  • Do not submit as a sample. Do not sell in a stock music company.
  • If you create music for clients, our music can not be used for resale by the client.
  • Titles of music or a production may not be reused to sell you.
  • Our music must be passed on in the following words: Title – Licensed by If you use the music online, then a website address must be given:

Category 2: As a background for film and multimedia

This category allows you to use our music as background music for your amateur movie or multimedia project.

The following categories are included:

  • Company presentations
  • Amateur movie projects
  • Audiovisual tutorials


  • 1 Track USD 120
  • 2 Tracks USD 200
  • 3 Tracks USD 350

Terms of use:

The same terms apply for this category as for category 1

How do I get a license?

You can purchase a basic license in the Soulguidance Audio Shop. For further questions and extended licenses we ask you to contact us to evaluate the confirmation of your request.

Professional License FAQ

How long is my licence valid?

This license has no expiration date. If your payment is complete and you do not violate the terms of this License Agreement, you may continue to use the Music indefinitely.

Are there any additional costs hat I need to include?

Once your first payment has been received, you will not have to pay any additional fees.

Can I edit the music

You can edit our music by looping, clipping, fading, fading, and applying cross fades from one track to another. However, you must not add any additional sounds or instruments to the composition itself.

Can I sell the music to music distributors like CD Baby / Distrokid or Tunecore?

With third-party services such as CDBaby, Distrokid or Tunecore, you can distribute and sell your music through iTunes and streaming services such as Spotify. While we allow you to distribute a CD of your work with the music you have licensed through your website or directly to your customers, we do not allow you to distribute the music for sale in iTunes (or any other download store), or to stream to services like Spotify. So you could use CDBaby to sell a physical CD copy of your work, but you cannot use the digital download service to distribute the work to online music services. However, you can sell downloads from your website, provided that you keep track of sales and do not exceed the allowable usage quota of your license agreement.

Is it possible to leave parts of my recordings without a spoken word?

You can create voice over recordings with our music. The total duration of the music must be at least two-thirds of the voice-over – spoken word. For example, you can create a 30-minute hypnosis recording in which you speak for the first 10 minutes and then play the music for the remaining 20 minutes. However, you need to make sure your final recording is a continuous 30-minute track (not two separate tracks: a 10-minute meditation and then a separate 20-minute music-only track)

Can I burn and sell the music as it is with a license on CD?

You can burn a CD or DVD, transfer the music to a portable storage device, such as a USB stick, and transfer the music through online file transfer services. However, you can only send the music to people who are directly involved in the development of your products or projects. The music as such without your spoken voice may not be sold or shared, neither as a download nor as a burned CD. We expect you to take all reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized copying and distribution of our music.




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