Quantum Healing

How can you get support with Quantum Healing

If we talk about Quantum Healing, we have to understand how quantum energy works. I am not a physician and this topic is very complex. What I think is very understandable are the videos of Dr. Quantum, which are available on youtube.com. The video of the double slid experiment will take you closer to the quantum physics. I found another video on youtube for you:


The double slit experiment


What is Quantum Energy?

Quantum and Photones belong to the smallest parts of matter the rest is information and light. In fact the matter is 99.99999 % of nothing and this nothing but light and information.

How can we then be so dense and tangible, our body, the trees, the animals everything that we see and therefore most of us only believe in? One must be a big believer, some of you might think…to believe in “beyond”.
Well yes, why not, why not trying out something, that goes far beyond the horizon of human kind’s mind.

But now, let’s go to Quantum Healing…..

Everybody lives his own reality. When you compare brothers and sisters and how they tell you about their childhood and how they see it, you will recognize the difference of their perception to see the world they live in.

Why does everybody live in a different reality, who creates this reality?

You create your own reality by a morphogenetic field, you can see them as magnetic harddisks. You gather information in form of experiences during your lifetime and save them. You create your reality day by day with your free will, with your focus onto something and with your emotions, that emerge from what you want.

You are always able to recall your experience and the connected emotions, no matter if they were good or bad. With the help of the morphogenetic field, you can access to certain situations that are alike, you meet the people with similar morphogenetic fields, you act like a magnet. You can do this fully aware, but most of humans are rather unconscious in terms of reality creation.Domino Effect

When you get into the state, where you realize that you are the creator of your own reality, you maybe want to change some situations that are no longer required and want to be changed. Hypothetically you can do this with a finger snip, but human brain needs a bit longer to realize the ability to change, and the long kept habits and life pattern take some time to change.

With the help of Quantum Energy, that will access this morphogenetic field in a higher dimension, you are able to change what is safed on „your Harddisk“, that is no longer needed. It can support you where you get stuck and can make some things easier.

So you will send a „wave“of quantum energy into that morphogenetic field, for a change of whatever you wish to change for in that moment of your life. With the change of one morphogenetic field that you live in, other fields will change too, I want to call this the “Domino Effect” to clearly give you an idea of how this would look.

Example of a morphogenetic field

When you are feeling bad and got out of bed left fooded, everything goes wrong, you missed the alarm, your toast burns to black at breakfast, you missed the bus, your boss is angry about you for something you even didn’t do, a friend calls you to have another good cry on your shoulder…..etc.


Positive example could be: You met somebody fantastic last weekend, it seems that you are falling in love, you will meet him/her again today, people are greeting you on the street even if you don’t know them, parking lot is quite full but you find a space, you are shopping for something and find the last offer, your boss brings you coffee and commends your good work…

With a growing awareness to your morphogenetic field and to work on your own energy field, you can literally change your life.

What are the effects of Quantum Healing ?

We talked about how Quantum Energy can heal your body, your emotions and your life. I want to show you, what in depth you can work on.

The Relationship to Yourself

The Relationship to Yourself is probably the most important that you can have in your lifetime. And to get to know yourself is a lifetime process, sometimes crisis is a good „process supporter“, but there are other, easier ways ( it doesn’t have to be hard) to get to know how you are ticking. Try to meditate*, do your sorts of hobby and live mindful every day, more and more. Human Kind is a „group animal“ and in groups we learn, by interacting with each other we learn best who we are. Using Quantum Healing as an accelerator can support this process, what you need is the will to work on yourself actively and the openness for what comes.

The Relationship to Others

The Relationship to Others – look at your relationships to your partner, your kids, parents and best friends, your next related people, look at who you meet day by day. Is this get together with others satisfying to you? Do you feel understood and do you understand the opposite. What kind of emotions do you get during social interactions? As I said, you will learn so much from yourself by interacting with people, getting to know them and taking them as they are. The tolerance and love to the other person can be a long path to be learned step by step usually and the relationship and knowledge of yourself plays a big role in that game. Quantum Healing helps you to change parts of your personal life, including the relationship to others, to the outside world. Everything gets into change step by step, as soon as you get ball rolling.

The Relationship to Money

The Relationship to Money – Money is neutral in its vibrations, our emotions and what we do with it changes the vibration to what it is for you. We are stamped by our parents and school, the social structure and environment. This can bring many blockages in various parts of our mindset. Some may be in your awareness and you have a wish to change them. If so, how do you want to change it to a more positive way of thinking, to positive vibrations that don’t block your happiness and fullness? These blockages can lead to further blockages in your life, you even can lose the path to your life plan. You can transform so much by only changing your mindset. With the help of Quantum Energy you can even work faster, it is like the first stone is thrown and others will follow in a positive way.

You can connect to old Knowledge

Old Knowledge can be tapped, think about the intelligence of Einstein or Stephen Hawking, or a great heart of a writer like Khalil Gibran, Goethe or Walt Whitman and how they bring these words to paper, or get some positive qualities of Bill Gates. The list can be endless and knowledge can also be like an old social structure knowledge of a nation or indigenous people that existed in the past or still do exist. This might sound pretty daring for some of you, but hey mostly everything is nothing but vibrations. I can tell from my very own perspective of what I experienced when doing the tapping into others vibrations Quantum Energy. For this point I best vibrated to somebody I vibrated maybe in similarity. It was an odd feeling, when I got this vibrations of a famous, deceased german healer that I even didn’t hear about before. I felt that powerful energy he had.

Get back to your Life plan

Get back to your Life Plan, when you have lost the way and tap into a crisis, however deep this will be. You feel like you are stuck, everything slows down in your life, maybe goes wrong. You are searching for something, something is missing, can be better or must be changed in your life. That you have lost the way or some parts of a way in the life plan can be felt through your emotions. Using Quantum Healing can give you different tools to get back to your life plan. Step by step to new ideas that will open up on your way, emotions will lead you to your life plan.

It is important, that you understand, that you have to work on your wellbeing, on your way back to your felt wholeness.

Quantum Healing – as well as all healing forms like Reiki or Energy Healing– is a process. This process will most probably be supported by a coach/quantum healer and if you take training classes, by your trainer. You will get into many different levels of emotions, from rage to sadness and all in between or maybe you experience all in a calm state, this doesn’t mean that the energy doesn’t work, everyone is so different and the experience of the emotions are therefore different. With your will to change something, to believe in the healing energy, to trust your way and take the given support, you can move something in your life.

This movie can open your mind to what is reality and maybe answer some questions for you.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I can recommend the movie: “What the Bleep do we know?” where designated scientists talk about quantum energy. Let yourself be surprised, what they all talk about.


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