Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy

How to successfully quit smoking

Hypnotherapy can be called the number one cure for many people who want to quit smoking. The treatment will work directly where the clients can break their habits and negative thinking patterns. With the help of hypnosis, a person can be getting reprogrammed in what they think, because it will intervene on a subliminal level. Their behaviors will be changed which will lead them into a smoke free life.

Already the decision to quit smoking will have a higher success rate on you. Hypnotherapy works on free will and therefore it is the client that really must want to live a smoke free and as a positive supplementary, a healthier life. The challenge lies in breaking the habits.

During the therapy, the client will receive suggestions that will help him changing their thinking pattern and will therefore break their daily living habits at the root of the problem.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

During the hypnotherapy the individual will be put into a deep, relaxed state. This allows the mind to be fully open for suggestions. You will travel into a place where you like to be most and feel very comfortable, this is how you will start relaxing. Then the hypnotherapist will use negative wording about how ugly and deadly smoking really is to suggest your mind to a decision to lead a healthier life. This can be small things as like how you may be feeling, when smoking a cigarette, like feeling nauseous or how you smell, like an ashtray or even how your fingers look like – not very attractive.

For the deepening of the whole process, the hypnotherapist will then teach the client how to actively make a self hypnosis with self affirming sentences so that the process of breaking habits is supported on a daily basis.

The therapy can be combined with other treatments like Nicotine Replacement Therapy or medication. This can help to avoid getting weak in both physical and mental addiction. This supportive action varies from person to person. Hypnotherapy itself can be used as a single therapy in order to be successful in the process of finishing smoking.

How long will the therapy go

The process of getting smoke free can not be seen as a quick action. It is as I already mentioned, a process. Hypnotherapy which is a very effective therapy in the help of this process, takes usually more than one session in order to activate the mind.

Hypnotherapy cannot be seen as a fast track solution. Everyone is different and so is the therapy, no matter what kind of therapy you make. One just needs a one time session and will work on himself, the other will gain positive results in more sessions. One of the most important things is how effectivethe client will work together with the therapist, his will about the whole topic and if he really stands for a change of life.

Misinterpretations and false beliefs

Weight gain
Nicotine will surpress your hunger, when you stop smoking you can feel hungrier. Not everyone will react the same way. If you are affected to to this you should start your healthy diet right away and always have some nuts, veggies or fruits to knibble on the side. Being conscsious in how your body works is an essential tool during this phase, this also includes an increased level of physical activity which will support your body positively as your whole metabolic processes will be activated and help detoxify which will then support your body to overcome the addiction.

Is it the right time?
When is the right time for to quit smoking? Always or never….there will always be an up and down in somebody’s life. The challenge lies in learning how to cope with difficult situations and not being dependent on smoking when you’re in.

 Problem with not being “social”
Much changed with the banning of smokers from buildings. Smoking outside the office or restaurants can be quite an isolated experience nowadays. If you were taking this walk to the outside regularly, you must break the habitual thinking, that you have to join the others. Make yourself aware that you are not less social, when staying inside. Nobody will judge you for this,  you maybe even deserve a “badge” from them or act as a role model for others to quit smoking.


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