Why it is important to remove negative energies, entities and implants

The fact that you have found and read this post says it out already, that you are capable to sense different energies that swirl around you. Sometimes it is not very clear recognizing the difference between what belongs to you and what the energies of others are that pass you by.

Sharing energy with each other is as normal as sharing words with your friends and neighbours, most of the people just forgot and even deny this truth or their knowledge of recocnizing and distinguishinging the energy at all.

It is an important tool that I recommend regaining or refreshing. Learning about energy and asking regular open and positive questions to yourself and the universe can support you in your daily life up to the fact, that you will feel and be healthy in different aspects as your symptoms diminish day by day.

The Symptoms of having Negative Energies in your Energy Field

There are different forms of negative energy

  • Low Vibration Energy
  • Intelligent Negative Energy

None of them are useful and supportive to you and should be removed from your body, aura and light body.

Having negative energy in you is like having a parasite which feeds from your energy. It drains you out and uses you, this can go so far, that you would want to lose your life.

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Removing of Negative Energies, Entities and Implants

They can make you feel depressed and can lead you into a self-destructive behavior and you can fall into addictions. You can feel angry, sad, confused, hateful, greedy, jealous, manipulative, judgmental or fearful or it can feed your low self-esteem which even makes you feel much more miserable most of your life.

My experiences show, that not only you can have the characteristics I mentioned but also are you the aim of manipulation or jealousy of hate and greed.

You can count one and one to see the next step of somebody having one or more of these “symptoms” getting seriously ill, especially, if this person mostly is aware of his surrounding like an empath and/or someone with a high sensitive personality.

Having the experience, that you never get to your desired success in your life, whatever you start doing, something is holding you back on and on in so many ways. No matter if it was the recurring sicknesses, might be as small as they are, but still they drain your energy, or through your environment that makes you feel disempowered. This is like a wheel that never stops and makes you never arriving where you want to be. It can make you want to be living in isolation or you can feel isolated.

Never shine your light into this world

You will never ever be able to shine your light into this world. This is what the negative energy wants to reach. And for a very long time, they can succeed with it.

It is very likely, that people working with energy like healers, light workers are affected by the above mentioned symptoms and by the takeover of negative energy. These people are mostly old souls or you might call them starseed or indigos – many names for the same kind of beings and don’t blame me for the incomplete list.

Their mission that they have for this world can’t be fulfilled and completed in this state of mind when being occupied by negative energy and entities or implants . That is why it is very important to take care of your energy field and to clear it every day or when you think, that you are cluttered by negative Energy.

This can be done by a regular Chakra clearing, visiting a healer, listening to Light Language and/or listening to high frequency music and words. Everything that brings your vibration to a higher level will help you in keeping your energy field clean. What I can recommend you to read, and it is more like a bible for light workers, is the book “Getting back to source” from Ari Kopel. This book is especially important for those who work energetically. Another book I can recommend is “A healers guide for soul clearing…” from Eva Marquez.

I have produced a Healing Video, which you can listen to at my YouTube Channel and Soundcloud Channel. It is my intention to remove negative energy, entities and implants from you with this recording. Included in the production is healing frequency of Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tones, written affirmations and subliminal affirmations, Light Language and a healing session. I recommend to listen to the recording as much as you think you might need it intuitively, but more than once.

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