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DNA Activation

Starseed/Lightworker DNA Activation Attunement is an attunement that can be done in person or at a distance while talking via Skype. This activation will assist in the awakening of your natural abilities that match your Star Nation (your galactic origin). Yes, you have the same abilities as they do. This attunement will assist you to connect with your galactic guides from your home planet – your Star Nation – and embark on an exciting journey of spiritual growth and personal transformation.

This attunement includes:

  • Energy work combined with the Language of Light. (The Language of Light combines all the languages from the universe in thought energy forms. Each sound carries an incredible amount of energy, color, geometric shapes and light-coded messages).
  • Cutting of cords and other energy links that take away your energy and vitality.
  • Releasing of energy that no longer serves you in a positive way.
  • Reconnection of your basic axiational grid with Earth, yourself and Universe (your home world).
  • Opening and activation of Earth and Soul Star chakras, reconnection to the Ancient Atlantis, Universe and the Beings of Light.
  • Chakra cleansing, rebalancing and activation.
  • Meridians – reconnection
  • Activation of God’s line (thymus gland, pineal gland, nervous system) light body activation.
  • Activation of 12 Strands of DNA.


Energy Transformation

A Healing Energy Session supports you:
  • Supports your recovery from illness (along with medical treatment)
  • Chronic Diseases, Allergies
  • Depressions (supportive if under medical treatment), Burnout
  • Depressive moods
  • Sleep problems / Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety states
  • Pain
  • Headache
  • Body blockades
  • and many more

I help you to strengthen your self-healing powers, to locate and release energy blockages and thus to increase your relaxation and your well-being. Transformative energy transfer gives you the opportunity to continue working and taking a more conscious path with this first impulse of healing.


Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching supports you:
  • Self-Realization – where does your way go
  • Abundance and manifestation
  • Health
  • Creative expression in your life
  • Blockades – finding solutions
  • Let go of undesirable patterns and beliefs
  • Spiritual development – promoting inner growth
  • Soultasks
  • Karma resolution
  • Influences from past lives

The access to universal knowledge of the akashic records enables me to go into the depths of your soul to seek answers and solutions. With the universal knowledge, you can experience AHA moments. With this knowledge, we can start to work on you to solve blockages where necessary. I support you on your way to more self-confidence, ease and enjoyment of the recipe for your success in your life.



Chakras are our Energy Points in our body. They are connected with each other and connect us with the universal energy and with others. If our Chakras are in harmony and clean, we will feel in harmony too. Our life will be in sync and we lead a happy and balanced lifestyle.


Access Bars®

An Access Bars Treatment can open a whole new world for you.

How much time do you spend your life with doing instead of receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet as you like it you have everything you have. Accessing and receiving Access Bars® can give you all that and more.


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