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Health comes from within

It is scientifically proven that meditation has a positive influence on our hormonal system, which in turn has a positive effect on our entire body. For example, it can improve our cardiovascular system, help us to better deal with stress and make us more resistant to diseases.

It is no secret that the way we feel has a direct impact on our lives, and that the stress of modern life can make it difficult to find peace and tranquility. Fortunately, there is an effective solution: meditation. Meditation has long been used as an effective tool for achieving a more balanced state of being.

— Reduces Anxiety and Stress

— Better Quality of your Sleep

— Feeling Better about Yourself

— Improvement of your Relationships

— Better Mental Health

— Better Perception and Mindfulness

— Centeredness

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Learn how to Meditate and how to live a mindful life in ease and joy.


Relax and Meditate

Listen to our Relaxing Music and Meditations. We offer free access on YouTube.

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Explore & Enhance

Starseed Healing & Starseed Knowledge in our Courses.

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Our App offers you all the music and meditations you know from our YouTube Channel and even more music.

About HealingFrequencyMeditations

Christa Fossati is a recognized Meditation Educator and Certified Hypnotist. She is guiding you through most Meditations and Restorative Practices. After devoting 20 years functioning as a Flight Attendant and Ground Services, she transformed her vocation to utilize the aptitudes she has gained and the talents she has always had for her fellow human beings and animals.

Christa Fossati

Christa Fossati

Founder of Healing Frequency Meditations

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Spread Love, Embrace Kindness

Spread Love, Embrace Kindness

In a world where there seems to be so much negativity and hate, it’s more important than ever to Spread love and embrace kindness. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day brighter, and the ripple effect can be immense. By spreading love and kindness, we not only make others feel good, but we also help create a more positive and harmonious world. Here’s a joyful guide on how to spread love and embrace kindness!

The Secret of a Fulfilled Life –

The Secret of a Fulfilled Life –

It might surprise you to learn that the secret of a fullfilled life is often found in nature. Spending time outdoors can help us feel more connected to ourselves and our environment, which can lead to greater happiness and contentment. This series of shorts videos of how to create a happier life tells you what you can do for your successful life.

Peoples Favourites

Frequency Music

Listeners Say

This is so beautiful, I can’t get enough of it. Thank you for this opportunity to heal

Rosi Rosig


is it normal to just cry while listening for 15 min? It seems like a lot has come to the surface….



Just wow these sounds penetrate the heart.

Vanessa Th



new uploads

New Uploads

We offer regular uploads of Meditations and Relaxing Music into our growing library.



Playlist with the most listened Relaxing Music and Meditation Videos on our Channel.

Healing Frequencies Music

Healing Frequencies Music

All of our Frequencies such as Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tones, in one place for your next meditation or just to relax or sleep.

Relaxing Music Category

Relaxing Music

Relax while you are reading a book or taking a bath. Play our Relaxing Music Playlist as a background music or for your next meditation.



Practice positive thinking and self-empowerment with our beautiful and meaningful, positive affirmations. Clear, heal and activate a blocked Chakra with our Chakra Affirmations. Have a positive change of your mindset with our list of affirmations for positivity, success, relationship and others.

Guided Meditation Playlist

Guided Meditations

Our guided meditations are offered in German and English. Immerse yourself in another world and relax even deeper with a guided meditation. Change energetically in a more positive direction with a guided meditation from us. Gain freedom and positivity with a guided meditation from Healing Frequency Meditation.

Chakra Care Playlist Category

Chakra Care

Our chakra system has a direct impact on how we feel and who we are in our lives. Therefore, regular clearing of the chakras is recommended. We offer free meditations and affirmations as well as chakra activating frequency meditations to change your life in a positive direction.


Binaural Beats

Binaural beats have a positive effect on our brain waves. Our hormones and body can experience a positive change with regular listening. It is recommended to listen to binaural beats with headphones.



Solfeggio Tones create a positive shift on our body and our Chakras. Their origin lies centuries ago in the numerology.


Silent Subliminal Affirmations

Just as Affirmations, Silent Subliminal Affirmations are unwinding your thought pattern so that you have the possibility to reprogram your mindset to a positive thought pattern. With Silent Subliminal Affirmations, you get the chance to do this without your ego system that may be blocking your changes. We offer English and German Silent Subliminal Affirmations.

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