Atlantean Soul Healing

Change your life fundamentally with an Atlantean Soul Healing

The Atlantean Soul Healing is a combination of physical body healing, ego healing and soul healing. It uses the ancient Atlantic energy, the earth energy and the universal energy to help you become whole again. While you are also thriving and happy in your physical body until you are ready to discard that vessel (body) and return home.

Through a trauma of the soul you can experience blockages in various life situations throughout your whole life. Return to your full potential for body and mind with a soul healing.

Christa uses her Pleiades energies for this comprehensive healing method and connects with her spiritual guides. Pleiades are considered healers among the star seeds. She scans your body and chakra for irregularities and returns them to their original harmonic origins. This healing method is very comprehensive and includes jumping into previous lives to recognize and heal injuries of your soul as well as removing occupations, entities and negative energies.

You came here with a mission. My mission is to support you in the whole spectrum of healing ego, soul and body to bring you as close as possible to the Atlantic memory. After a soul healing you can continue your mission to make this world a better place. I want to support you on your soul healing journey.

Please note that depending on the severity of your illness, it may be necessary to do several sessions in a row to achieve a lasting healing. Your body and mind have to adapt and as we live in the density of this earth, it usually takes time.


A session normally takes 60 minutes.