20 Strategies on how to master your challenges

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How do you overcome your life challenges? For some people this means a real, deep odyssey, a deep valley from which there seems to be no way out. Others see challenges as the driving force in their life, then there are people who acknowledge and accept the challenge.


Challenges can be of a private nature but also of a professional nature, and you may even have experienced a life-threatening situation for yourself or someone close to you. Each of us experiences challenges in his life sooner or later. The question is how do we react to it. What strategies we developed and which ones could be improved or accustomed.

Our brain is a muscle that can be trained. There are many strategies that are scientifically proven. My personal strategies, which have proved to bring me a positive change of life, I would like to share with you here. I wish you success in the implementation and, above all, more joy in life.


These 20 strategies will not only help you meet challenges differently, your lives and your thinking can be changed sustainably.


  1. Focus on the positive in life

 We are naturally endowed to see the negatives. In our origins on this planet, we had to recognize dangers in order to survive. Luckily, we have a consciousness that enables us to consciously pay attention to our thoughts and emotions. Find reasons to pay attention to the little things in life and thank you for the “little happiness” in life. Act with Gratefulness in your Life.


  1. Mindfulness with your thoughts and emotions

 Question and recognize your emotions. This also gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from an experience which will bring you a brighter angle to see a situation. Brain researchers have discovered that naming the emotions leads to activating other parts of the brain that are responsible for focusing and awareness. This allows you to consciously choose your experiences and emotions.


  1. Remember what you have achieved already

 Write down what you have achieved in your life. Make a list of at least 20 things that you have achieved. Be aware that any achievement you have made in the gear of your life is important to get you to the next step. In doing that, you also see that you were the captain of your life and still are. Tell yourself, “It’s good where I am” and from there you go further in your life.


  1. Affirmations really do help

 Affirmations can permanently change your thoughts. Try it out and make an “affirmation cure” for the next 3 months. Write down the affirmations that are right for you in your current life situation. An affirmation I have mentioned above, can bring you peace with your current life situation. This gives you a boost for the next step. Important in affirmations is that they are felt, believed and applied regularly by you. Tip: Write your affirmations on a beautiful sheet of paper that you can also laminate, place it in your bathroom well visible every morning and evening.



  1. Go out – be Active

 Whatever drives you, be it yoga or football, you like to hike or you like to walk with your dog, whatever it is, go out. Do not sit in your closet and breed over your problems, because this will not bring you any solutions. The feeling of togetherness gives us humans strength and the knowledge that nobody has to be alone when it becomes difficult in life. Your hormones will change through sports and movement and release endorphins. The happiness hormone serotonin is produced by light, it is an important neurotransmitter and together with dopamine, a messenger, responsible for communication in the brain. If you have to stay mostly inside, it is an advantage to go to the fresh air regularly to recharge energy and light.



  1. Ask the right questions

It is important to ask questions in your life, but the right ones. Ask questions that bring solutions, so not: “What is wrong with me?” or “Why can’t I do this?” Because you will not get an answer from the universe. If you ask questions, then you should ask positive questions like “What can I learn from it?” Or “How can I make it better?” “What is it that I still do not understand in this situation?” And please, do not wait for an answer, because it will show itself when the time is right for you. You may be given a new, better opportunity, or you may meet someone who helps you, maybe you are in the right place at the right time, who knows.



  1. Make yourself aware of how you speak to yourself

 Studies have shown that repeated use of words such as I am old, depressed, sick, etc. are physically fixed and manifest. Use positive words like I am strong, healthy, self-confident and your cells will react to it.


  1. Read a book about Successful People

 Take an example of successful people, maybe you have someone you admire for his achievements and his attitude. Read a book about this person, in which you will realize that this person also had to go his way. This can motivate you for your own success.


  1. Meditate regularly

 Neuroscientists have recognized, that people who practice meditation regularly have Gamma Frequency in their brain. Gamma frequency is also active when we are in REM sleep phase. Gamma Frequency is responsible for increased sensory perception, which means that everything is perceived more intensively, the food tastes better, the hearing is sharpened and the smell is much more intense. The whole reality is perceived more intensively. Likewise, the gamma frequency acts on the ability to react quickly to the “brain memory”. You could call it a better memory of a computer, as an example. The focus is better, but this is not only limited to a particular work, but is expanded. The brain is thus given the opportunity to process all sensory information more quickly and with greater sensitivity. People with increased gamma activity proved to be happier, quieter, and with their life in peace. Meditation can help you to get out of a depressive phase or even not to slip into one. You can meet your daily challenges quite differently and your whole life will change for the better with regular Meditation.



  1. Focus – step by step

 Focus on a task and finish it. This gives you a sense of gratification and the knowledge that you can master any big challenge. It is never wrong to get support. Bill Gates was successful with a team in the back.



  1. Use an anchor

 Work with your subconscious mind by placing body signals. When you feel powerless the next time, remember a time when you had power over your life and had a success and make a fist activated with these thoughts. Your body will in time associate this emotion of self-awareness with the fist.



  1. Write a diary

 Write down what is depressing and blocking you. Your brain with thank this as it has to no longer carry it around. The effect is also that your brain is free from negative thoughts and emotions that keeps you from introducing the positive mindset.



  1. Go into nature

 Nature instinctively gives us people the feeling of peace and security. The psychologist Mark Berman has found out that your quality of life increases when you are regularly in nature, thus also your brain functions, which gives you a more positive mindset. Moreover, you can center yourself in the peace and loneliness of nature again on the essentials and gain strength for new challenges.



  1. Write your story

 Do not let yourself get down and influence through what happens in this world. Write your own book of life. Take your hand and change what you change, your life. Imagine, more people would be aware to change themselves to the positive, to have more positive thoughts and thus also to have more positive emotions. This would not only imply an impact on one’s own life, but also on our society and our planet. Our empathy for our fellow human beings would be even increased, with a positive attitude.

 Every drop makes an ocean.



  1. Step by step to your goals

 Everyone can make his dream come true. It just depends on how they tackle the issue. Take small steps, and what is possible in your life. If you always think I can never do it, you will. Look around for what is possible for you in your life, realize it, then go to the next step. Tony Robbins says, “When you talk about your dreams, it’s still a dream, if you imagine your dream, then it’s a way, to plan your dream, then it’s reality.” Rome was also not built in one day.



  1. Train your brain

 If you are looking for something new, you can do it regularly for more than 35 days. Your brain gets used to the new situation and you will see the results after a month, it is not a big deal anymore, so it’s not a big deal and you have got used to it – it has become routine. By the way, using the Great thing is also a tool that you can use if you want to overcome fears, such as. Flight or exam. Your brain can also be trained to the extent that you have already mastered the threatening situation (point 3). This can also be trained, then it is – no longer a big deal. You can also overcome your fears with the help of a hypnotist and train your brain.



  1. Take a time travel

 With which we are already at the next point, where I come back to the hypnotist again. Take a time travel with a hypnotist, sometimes a memory is not as bad as we carry it around with us all the time. Or a memory can be changed positively with a time travel. Psychologists have found out, that memories can even be altered and, so to speak, implanted. This can help the affected to develop more positively and resolve themselves from negative beliefs.


  1. Look at defeats as learning part in your life

 We all make mistakes. We learn through trial and error and none of us could walk at the first step when we were kids. It is a question of how you look at something that is not right for you in your life or that has not worked out. Do not give up and tell yourself, then I have to rethink it and make it better. Everything has a reason, we usually only see this later and can then recognize that it was only for our best. We can only learn through our mistakes and something else, something better can arise from it.



  1. Have fun with life

 With all your actions in life – do not forget the fun and the ease in life. Everything is much easier and better, if you have pleasure in the matter. Make a break and do something you like from time to time.



  1. Embrace your life and your loved ones

 What is really important to you in your life? Embrace what you already have, because there is already a lot. Be grateful for showing love for your life, your loved ones, and especially for yourself. This can give you an even deeper love for everything around you, this love can be differentiated to a love for a partner. Your vibration will change as a result, people will react very differently to you and approach you. This can create new possibilities.


 Many things that you have read here have to do with awareness. Everyone can let more awareness his life, it does not need much. You will see that the reward for this is a more balanced, happier life. What more does one need? Or in the words of Gary Douglas – Access Consciousness® “How can it get better now?”


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