How do Silent Subliminals affect you?

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How do Silent Subliminals affect your subconscious?

Subliminals are increasingly on everyone’s lips, but especially for the single users on YouTube, they are in great demand.But what exactly are Silent Subliminals and where can they support you?

What can Silent Subliminals do?

  • Change habits
  • Change deep-seated thinking patterns
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Strengthen awareness
  • Change beliefs

and much more. You can imagine, when you start changing your old belief system it’s like a rat’s tail. That said, you work on this thought patterns that have been programmed since childhood by parents, relatives, teachers, etc. or even taken over from other lives and erase them so to speak. Now you have a blank page in front of you and can start fresh and realize your ideas and thinking pattern on this new matrix. It all sounds as easy as I write it, but it should be understandable, so I kept it easy. Through this positive new world of thought, you maybe meet other people, the “right” ones at the right time for your project etc. and so it goes on. Finally, you may live the life that you imagined a few years or months ago.

The important thing is that you open yourself to what is coming—so be open and receptive.

What you should consider when listening to Silent Subliminals

You’ve probably heard of affirmations, and maybe you’ve already used them. The tricky thing is, for example: if you would say an affirmation like, “I am a billionaire today” or “I have 5 children” because that is your wish, it could be that a small voice that doesn’t believe in the affirmation. The subconscious mind sometimes plays a trick on you with programming with affirmations, especially with “unrealistic” things because what is reality, and what is your reality? But now I am getting philosophical.

If you listen to a silent subliminal, then you do not consciously hear the spoken word. This is because the frequency is set too high for a normal adult ear. However, children and animals can hear these affirmations, so pay attention to the volume!

When I mix the Silent Subliminal into my healing videos, I look for the fact that the affirmations are not unrealistic but achievable. However, since there are no conscious blocks from the listener, the affirmations are much more effective. It may even be that the affirmations, which you have not consciously heard, are buzzing around in your head, and you wonder where they’re coming from.

Again, I can’t stress this out enough, pay attention to the volume, even if you cannot hear the spoken text, it can literally wiggle your ears when the sound is turned up too loud. You may also have a headache after listening too loud to the Silent Subliminal. Just as you should pay attention to the tolerable amount for you, which can also lead to a headache. My recordings, as well as most of the ones you find on YouTube, are accompanied by background music and high frequencies like Binaural Beats and Solfeggio and Rife Tones. These are all healing frequencies to your brain, and your body reacts very effectively to them. Do not listen too loud, as the frequencies are tuned to harmonize with the Silent Subliminal in my videos.

Programming the subconscious might be familiar to you from the marketing industry sectors. Looking at an ad on TV for a product that you like, can lead automatically to an increased flow of saliva. What comes to my mind is the classical conditioning of a dog by Pavlov.

Originally, the Silent Subliminal have been patented by the US Army and are only recently open to the public.

What does Science say about Silent Subliminal

Silent Subliminal have a positive effect on the memory, research indicated that you could even shorten your stay in school.

For those who would like to know more about Silent Subliminal and their effectiveness, I have found this scientific publication.

Some background information about my production.

My silent subliminal affirmations can be read in my videos, where I put them into the video. I may go on talking, then it is a healing session that happens through me with my Universal Helpers of Light like angels and spirit guides. The spoken affirmations are adjusted to the length of the entire clip, you hear them more than once.

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